Past Summits

Katie Koch Speaks to Attendees

This event was conceived by Notre Dame student organizations to address the needs of the female investment community. The aim of this event is to cultivate an informed, active, and supportive community of female financial professionals and to embrace Notre Dame’s broader mission — to be a force for good in the world. The WIS planning committee acknowledges the limited participation of women in the financial services industry. We created this summit to join in the global effort of including and retaining women in the space.

  • As of 2015, only 35.0% of the US Investment Banking and Securities Dealing workforce werewomen.
  • Less than one in three employees are women in the US Securities and Commodity Exchanges spaces.
  • At the executive level, the situation is more severe – of all US Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds, just 10% of fund managers were women in 2016.

We can do better. The many women at Notre Dame, passionate about investing and including our female peers in this industry, want to discuss the powerful ways that women are shaping, disrupting, and contributing to the financial services industry. We want to develop Notre Dame students and WIS attendees into the future leaders of the business world.